Jas Forest

When the question cannot be put into words, neither can the solution.

Ring Around the Posers

Ring Around the Posers – written by Jas. Forest (C) 2015

Ring Around the Posers
an Iscariot, is Brutus
and fire isn’t rain
and Kingship can be like
slavery trapped and once
a King, always a King.

and even Akhanaten couldn’t
save,this poor soul from whence
he came,

from Fathers back in aeons wake,
now she came like poison wood
a tea made tempest teapots jump
up to the beat and run away

that’s not a’ playing fair
and chances are that we should
meet, again and again as stalkers

the souls are gone the zombies
creep; and call the heresay here;
the gossip, innuendo and sleight,
are the misdirected energy, of the
fatefully malicious, blind and leading
buffalos to death

this isn’t blokc, clobk, and day
is night and night is day, and where
we were is warm in time;
like before, and after high school made;
is kinder gardens lemon lime
sour spindles sorry spines

come snake charmers bring
the phrase, and chill the
fex’ of silly steads,
what takes you to the nextest
kind, my buttered slice of
life is yee

on nothing but the
frozen lake
and shepherds guide
all heirs of Biscuits known
in clouds, and sky, and through
the space, we give our bestest
and nothings given such
come take it now my friend


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