Jas Forest

When the question cannot be put into words, neither can the solution.

Can’t make a red sky blue

Can’t make a red sky blue – written by Jas. Forest (C) 2015

now come, now gone
was a star, then
the sun and now a moon
it’s raining crocodile tears
now what is that called?
reincarnated, or justly
divine violence?

le secret de polichinelle
roman roads, what gifts,
now delivered guarantee
the messenger life?

None, done did it for the day
survival leaves flesh,
memories, eventually
deep blood transmuted,
still souls ring echoes
of solace seeking

no straight paths
across the desert,
parallel peaks climb
and strive, at the Oasis,
in the Valley, for which
Icarus flew on high,
this might be a trend,
the horizon of lines

Solon told me that his friend’s
friend was extremely difficult
to contact

and so now we speak,
if even by this brief
verse, at the very least,
you’re afraid, so afraid,
because you know it’s here,
that sliver of the red sky,
just before; and for a
moment, after the lunar

earth, moon, sun
diamond, crimson
night sky day
diamond again
and then,
the sun has gone away


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