Jas Forest

When the question cannot be put into words, neither can the solution.

When Somethings Missing in Her Smile

When Somethings Missing in Her Smile – written by Jas. Forest (C) 2014

there’s something missing
when robots speak and humans feel
is this reality, where faux is
traced by a line repeated
again and then again et al
is punctuated meaning

he is famous like a funeral
she is candid in her demure
the mob is headed for buffalo heaven
the leaders fixed upon sweet songs
and love like a triangle
acute, obtuse and leaning

even confomity had it’s eon
in the flashy furniture of
the 1950’s and there was hope
and awestruck imaginations
and on the calculus, and on the
integral differences, and then
there was hope about the moon

and what was on the other side
of that cold, lonely sister of
this big blue orbasan

there’s something missing
in her smile,
crocodile’s are known to weep
and 1 hour conversations with
herself, and that book she wrote
and burned in a ritual of confusion
there’s a bonfire baby in every ‘stead
and steady minds are shaken
as they count the sunsets down

and may nothing be awaiting
like the lover satiated
heaven then is draped over
me like a loving hug on Sunday

and then a good fuck might make
ya feel young

and there’s something round
about that thing they call
a soul

only the new day knows
what is on the path running
by mystery, as paths be crossed
and mysteries are such

the marbles there are not the
warbles here

and though this thing is
repetition, it always fools
the fools, who believe that
their actions are just, possible
or even necessary

there is no way to the heart
that can be decorated like
a Yellow Brick road

love’s morning of souls
is like the desert, once a stone


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